Buying anything new is usually a first time experience. People are generally apprehensive and clueless about what products they must choose and the qualities that they should look for while making a purchase. These dilemmas become even more prominent when the question of purchasing expensive commodities such as bikes in India arises.

People in India are passionate when it comes to two-wheelers. The freedom it provides along with the ease of riding a bike from CCW makes people wanting to buy superbikes in India. One might think that buying a new bike is a hectic process but that is not the case. These days with a wide palette of options to choose from including bespoke bikes in India from Cleveland Cyclewerks India makes the whole process a seamless one.

Following are some of the factors that people should consider before buying a new bike:

  • Style of riding – The experience and style of the rider play a major role in choosing a bike. It is the rider who is going to spend the most of his/her time on the bike. Hence, the bike should be chosen depending on the experience and style of the individual.

  • Roads – The quality or terrain in which the bike is supposed to be treading is another major factor in this decision. Different places around the world differ in the quality of their soil and the terrain that is most common around that region. There are special bikes designed for the rocky, dusty and sandy terrain. Thus, the final choice should be made, accordingly.
  • Body style – Different bikes may have different designs of their body styles depending on the purpose of their use. Some of them include – cruisers, dirt bikes, tourers, street bikes, sports bikes, etc.
  • Usage – People who might be buying a bike for daily use must avoid purchasing those bikes that will require frequent servicing, while others who may need the bike for recreation can opt for those kinds of bikes.
  • Fuel efficiency – The volume of the cylinder present in a bike’s engine determines its power and capacity of displacement per cycle or RPM of the engine. It also caters to the need of speed that a person may have. A bike with high displacement is bound to less fuel efficient and if one is looking for a fuel-efficient variant, it is advised to go for a bike with low engine displacement.
  • The physique of the rider – The size of the bike should be chosen according to the physique of a rider because a thin rider may not be able to handle a heavy bike and vice versa.
  • Convenience – The bike must be taken for a test ride to ensure that the rider is comfortable riding it. Seating position, the position of the handle, foot pegs, and the overall height of the bike from the ground should all be well within the rider’s control and comfort levels.
  • Custom Bikes – If none of the above works for you then one can always opt for a customized bike that has all the bells and whistles one can think of along with the body style, engine capacity, etc. that they are interested in.