Biking enthusiasts are always looking for adventure and thrill. Places to ride on bikes, under extreme conditions just to get a glimpse of the natural beauty of a place seem to be a favourite pass-time for them.

Following are the ten best places to bike before you die:

  • Portugal, Serra da Estrela Mountains – Known as Portugal’s highest mountain range, the Serra da Estrela Mountains cover rocky ways, a steep uphill climb and many other challenging obstacles. It also consists of tunnels carved out of rocks. The peak is at a height of 1933 meters and valleys carved out by glaciers and steep cliffs are connected by the roads.
  • Cambodia, Mekong River – The paths are covered in dirt, running alongside the Mekong river offers tourists a way to be able to experience the daily life of the villages that are situated along the way. In case you need to stop and take some rest there are endless ferry rides that you can enjoy.
  • America, Eastern Oregon – Home to one of the highest fault scarps – the Albert Rime, Eastern Oregon offers a desert and the cowboy country between rainforests and the coastal view found in the rest of Oregon.
  • Iran, Shiraz to Yazd – This place is a perfect blend of beautiful architecture and breathtaking natural scenery of mountains and deserts. The Esfahan, a tiled mosque is one of the many architectural wonders that draw bikers towards Iran.
  • Turkey, Interiors – The interior regions of Turkey are far from the hustle and bustle of popular cities like Istanbul. The interiors offer two-wheeled adventure sports and places of archaeological interest that have been deserted.
  • Morocco, Zagora to Tafraoute – Oasis, patches of palm trees and 300 meters of sand dunes is what describes Southern Morocco the best. The area is great for bikers with wanderlust and a knack for the thrill!
  • Italy, the Dolomites – Northern Italy is home to the Dolomites which stand at an elevation of above 2000 meters. The largest Alpine meadow in Italy – the Seiser Alm, with its gorgeous view is also a popular destination for bikers coming from all over the globe.
  • Australia, Tasmania – This small island in Southern Melbourne is an ideal location for people who want to ride in places with smooth lights and minimal traffic. It also serves the purpose of camping for those who may be interested in living a rustic life for a change, away from the city life.
  • Kyrgyzstan, Lake Song – Kol – Bikers need to travel through dirt tracks to reach the Kyrgyz Mountains. The place has a backdrop of snow-clad mountain peaks and a beautiful lake at a height of 3600 meters!
  • New Zealand, Molesworth Road – The place has a cold stream gushing along the dirt roads that bikers have to ride through. It is a difficult and exhausting ride but bikers enjoy it due to the same reason. It also boasts of isolated farmlands, hot springs and campsites, to add to it.