Any given machine works better and has a longer operational life if it is under proper care. The bike too is a machine that works through the coordinated working of various parts. Constant work and passage of time could lead to wear and tear of the various parts which could affect the performance of a bike. Thus, owners should know certain bikes tips and tricks to ensure that their bike remains in good shape and working condition.

Following are some tips that could come in handy in maintaining your bike:

  • Keeping the bike clean is one of the simplest and efficient ways of ensuring that the bike remains in good condition. Things that are easily available, such as – sponge, toothbrush, soap, water, etc. can be used to clean the grime, grease and dirt from the bike.
  • The brakes may make a squeaking sound if there are rims of dirt on the wheel. Hence, cleaning of the wheels must be done regularly to avoid such a noise.
  • If the brakes move more than half the way, when they are jammed, it means that the brakes are sagging. In such a situation the brakes need to be tightened. If the person does not know how to tighten the brakes on his/her own, he/she can take the help of the internet to learn how to do it.
  • Using a lubricator to oil the chains is another simple and routine procedure for looking after the bike and to keep it performing well. The lubricator helps to reduce friction between the chains, especially after the bikes starts to get old. It also prevents rust and dirt from deteriorating the performance of the bike.
  • You must check to see if the wheels of your bike are ‘truing’. For this, you will have to take the bike to the mechanic and see if the wheels are wobbling side to side when in motion. Such a situation is called ‘truing’ and require some repair. The bike can be fixed at any bike repair shop at minimal cost.
  • Regular cleaning and servicing cannot be done on your own. Hence, it is advisable to get the bike serviced by a professional at least once a year. It ensures that the cost is well within budget and at the same time the bike has got the much-needed attention so that small issues related to the engine and transmission that may have gone unnoticed by you do not lead to greater problems.
  • With constant use, brake pads over the disc may become less efficient. However, it is very important for the brakes to function efficiently, in order to reduce the risk of accidents and other mishaps. To check for the brakes you must look to see if the disc of the brakes is getting heated up more than necessary under normal use. If that is the case, then it is time to take the bike to a mechanic for an inspection.
  • Make sure you take your bike to the service station as it is impossible for you to clean hard to remove stains like oil, grease, etc. by yourself.