Cleveland CycleWerks (CCW) is an American company that is associated with the manufacturing and supply of motorcycles at affordable rates. The company is based in Ohio and sells its American-style bikes in the US, Europe and Parts of Asia. The company was founded by Scott Colosimo. The vision of the biking enthusiast was to provide the commoners with visually appealing and performance-oriented bikes that they can afford.

Initially, the CCW bikes were made in China, but later on, the company brought all of its assembly lines to the United States. CCW recently announced that it would launch two new bike models for the Indian market. They knew that Indian enthusiasm for motorcycles is otherworldy and they wanted to tap on to that particular segment of the market. The CCW models that are soon to be launched in the Indian market are Ace and the Misfit with the latter being a revamped version of the famous Misfit first generation. Both of these bikes are expected to be launched in October 2018.


The CCW AceDeluxe is somewhat of a ‘standard’ bike in the eyes of an American. When the same comes to India, it is evident that the humble Ace is going to compel others to turn their heads.

The CCW Ace boasts of a charismatic design that sits on a simple frame and is equipped with just the right height and stance. The bike feels sturdy, yet it is lightweight and is ideal for the daily commute, unplanned road trips and highway rides. It can be considered as a blank canvas from CCW which can be an ideal candidate for custom designs and modifications.

Since India is crazy about mileage, the bike performs decently as well regarding fuel consumption. As per US norms, the bike delivers over 80MPG (roughly 28 KMPL) and a cruising speed of 70MPH (approximately 112 KMPH) which is enough to get the adrenaline pumping.

CCW Misfit

Cleveland CycleWerks continued churning out the first generation of the CCW Misfit from 2010 till 2015. The model was a huge success, and it proved itself to be a worthy commuter within and outside the city limits. The second generation of the misfit is a revamped version, with the intricacies of the mean machine designed from scratch.

The chassis of the Misfit is redesigned to meet the performance parameters needed for it to perform outstandingly both on the streets and on the tracks. They made sure that the bike is equipped with the stopping power it needs to come to a halt. They equipped it with Japanese specs braking systems that ensure optimal control over the vehicle on the road.

The heart of this beast is the same old OHV 250cc motor equipped with counter-balanced that has proved its merit time and time again as a true workhorse.

CCW has revamped its overall business model and got their products certified under the international ISO quality certification. It played a significant role in allowing them to expand their footprint both in Europe and South East Asia.